Wash/Treatment day using Mielle (Mongongo Oil)

328ace7b-c68d-47f4-b051-0e53237ec89a.jpegThis post will be showing you all how I conduct my “wash day” using the products above. I will be taking you through step by step showing you each stage I go through. I have decided to give myself the above treatment because prior to this post, my hair was in a protective style for 3 weeks and was quite dry. The aim here was to lock in all the moisture from the Mielle products and rejuvenate my hair. I hope you enjoy!

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  • I sectioned my hair in to four and each section I massaged the PRE-SHAMPOO TREATMENT product in to my hair and twisted after doing so. I let this product sit in my hair for 30 minutes before applying the shampoo.


  • Keeping my hair in four sections I began to take each section at a time and apply the EXFOLIATING SHAMPOO. Once my hair was covered I massaged this into my hair and combed with a wide tooth comb. After doing this I began rinsing the product out of my hair. I shampooed my hair twice using the same method before moving on to stage 3.


  • After all the shampoo was washed out of my hair I patted my hair dry with an old t-shirt. I then took a small section of my hair and applied the HYDRATING CONDITIONER to my now, damp hair. After raking this into the section I began to twist and repeat.


  • Once my entire hair was twisted, I applied a few drops of MONOÏ OIL to my roots and massaged this in. I then wrapped my hair in cling film and proceeded to stage 5.


  • Using my @thecurlsandco portable HYDRATION STEAMER I sat under this for approximately 45 minutes to allow each product to marinate and strengthen my ends and roots.


  • Keeping my hair in the twist (personal preference) I rinsed out the product. Going back to my t-shirt I pat my hair dry once again. Afterwards, I use my blow drying cap and I tie this to my head with the string attached. Through the sleeve provided I slip my hairdryer in and power on for approximately 10 minutes.


  • At this last stage, my hair is mostly dry but still a little damp. I take my POMADE-TO-OIL product and apply thoroughly to my hair whilst loosing out each section from the twist. After this stage I will style and go!

Thanks for reading!

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