Curls & Co product review; Hydration Hair Steamer

DDE74DE3-5E65-4EE6-ADA6-AE941F115C99I have had a lot of people ask me about this product and how I have found using it. First of all, I have been looking for a product like this for a long time now. I had seen a lot on EBay, but have been sceptical in ordering a product like this from China as I’m not sure how I would react if it blew up or singe my hair off (no shade to products made in China!) Also, when it comes to gadgets that will be in close contact with your body you want to be extremely careful in the things you buy.

I was scrolling on Instagram one day, and I came across a post with a picture of a woman sitting under this hair steamer and instantly I knew this was the product I was going to buy. This post led me to @Thecurlsandco Instagram page and I followed the link in their bio which opened up their website. I had a browse and everything checked out, I was excited to have found the exact product I was searching for, for months and to see more pictures of this made me more confident in investing in one.

I am pleased to say the product is amazing, it exceeded all my expectations and a day later after using this my hair feels fresh, bouncy and rejuvenated!

Anyone who is looking for a product like this please check out their website the product is currently retailing for £99.99, but if you go to their Instagram page you may be lucky enough to find a discount code under a post which will give you 20% off your purchase. Thank me later!

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