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Why I decided to go natural…

Everyone that knows me know I have spent most of my adult life wearing weave. Weave has done a lot for my hair in terms of growth but as well as being my best friend, it has also been my worst enemy. While I was getting a sew-in weave each month (shout out to Lisa!) it enabled my hair to grow but my leave-out to break. The hair type I have is quite wild at the best of times so I defiantly needed to straighten the leave-out almost every day which ruined my middle and sides partings as this is where I would usually have out.

After this stage, I started to wear wigs which was so much easier and better as none of my hair was left out, but when the wig started to get old I would have to go through the process again of buying the weave and products in order to get a new wig done and on top of that I dreaded the thought of having to go to the hairdressers and sit in there for hours on end. The idea of it all really put me off to the point I decided to wear my own hair and see how that panned out.

Reasons for creating the blog;

Once I started to wear my hair out I discovered a lot of different products and started to experiment. Not every day is a good hair day believe me! I have been through it all, there have been days where I would wake up do my hair and it’s not going right and not sitting the way I need it to. My hair at times was unruly, disrespectful and had a mind of its own. I have had to go through numerous amounts of products to find out what works for my hair (which I am still hunting for) and it is not an easy road. I created the blog as I believed it would give me the motivation to continue with this natural journey as there are many times I have wanted to resort back to using weave. I created this blog at the beginning of August and hadn’t done anything with it until the 22nd of October when I made my first blog post. Reasons for this is a lot of days I felt I couldn’t do it, I felt as though people may pass judgment on my project and that I couldn’t communicate or get the point of this blog across to any audience. But I had to have a word with myself and remind myself that I am doing this for me. I am doing this to boost and motivate myself in to sticking by what I started and caring more about myself, my health and the skin I live in.

What I have learnt is that not everyone will support you through the things you want to do in life. Not everyone will agree with what you choose to do but that is okay as long as you believe in yourself. I have had so many dreams and aspirations of what I have wanted to do in life but have never had the courage to follow through. But today I have the courage to show everyone that is willing to listen my new-found love for myself and making sure I am, at all times, the best version of me that I can be. I am living my best life, giving God thanks for continuing to allow me to wake up each and every day and I am truly happy within myself.




5 thoughts on “Why I decided to go natural…”

  1. Yes my five star Neice enjoy your journey you remember when i cut my hair short big change fir me but it was right for me and I’m
    Still having fun and have so much more love for my own natural hair 🏅⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👑


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