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Eco Styler?

Hello again!

So in this post I will be explaining how I have found Eco Syler gel and how it works with my hair.

If your hair is at a short-medium length keeping your hair curly can sometimes look as though you have little to no hair, I mean guys the shrink is REAL! But like I have said on my “About” page, for me at this stage I am not focusing on the length of my hair or growing my hair as yet, I am more focused on getting my hair to a healthy stage without having to do a “big chop”. So what I tend to do is it cut off my heat damage, and also trim my ends every 8 weeks.

For me, keeping my hair fresh and rejuvenated isn’t hard at all. I will do a full blog post this weekend so show you all how I keep my kinky curls popping but the key for me is to leave my hair alone. I treat my hair like a plant, I have a water bottle and I spray, spray & spray. I make sure my hair is always moist and moisturised, as I’d rather spray my hair with water when I need to revive it because this will also stretch out the life of the product I would have already put in my hair on a previous day, and there is no use piling more on top as this is just a waste. For me anyway.

So, let’s get right in to it. Some days I want my curls to appear more stretched rather than totally shrunken up. I researched what the best products to use in order to achieve the look I was going for and a lot of the recommendations that came up was the Eco Styler Gel – Argan Oil. I used this and was pleasantly surprised at how much my curls stretched. so this is what I have been using. I never re apply gel on top of gel, I will also use my spray bottle in order to preserve life.

Recently I had come across the new Eco Styler; Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil. As I use black castor oil regularly anyway I thought it only made sense to try out this product. I have to say, I was very disappointed with this product. The hold is little to none, this gel dries out my hair and not even water can help it! I brought this product on the 27th August and I still have a full tub left. thumbs down from me.

This is just my opinion on the product, I have seen a few people say this really works for them and it may work for you also, but this most certainly did not work for me and my type of hair. I am still trying out products and will review and show you all how they all works for me, still searching for that one product that has everything I need!


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