Wash day using Cantu Shea Butter


Greetings all!

I am back with another post which some of you may find interesting. So Friday was wash day for me and I decided to give my Cantu Shea Butter products a go and see how I got on so I could feed back my experience with you all.

Okay, so first of all I pretty much used the same routine as I did with the Mielle Mongongo Oil Treatment but just not as complex. I treated my wash day the same but improvised with these new products. Below I have listed the process I went through using the Cantu Shea Butter products and what I had achieved.


Cleansing Cream Shampoo – I sectioned my hair in to four and massaged the product in to each section. Once my head was covered, I rinsed until the water ran clear then repeated this for a second time. Once the second rinse was over I took my t-shirt and patted my hair until damp.


Hydrating Cream Conditioner – I took a section at a time of my now damp hair and apply the conditioner from the root to the ends. Thoroughly raking this in, once I was satisfied I twisted and repeated this routine until my entire head was covered. I then wrapped my hair in cling film and sat under my Curls & Co Hydration Hair Steamer for approximately 45 minutes to allow the product to settle in to my hair and lock in all the moisture. Afterwards, keeping my hair in the twists I rinsed out the conditioner. When I was satisfied and the water run clear I dried my hair with my t-shirt until damp.


Leave-in Conditioning repair cream – I applied this to my hair. I took each twisted section at a time and applied the product and re-twisted. I repeated this until my entire head was done and I let this sit in my hair until I was ready to style as desired. In this instance, I wrapped my hair and went to sleep and when I woke up I moved on to step 4.


Coconut Curling Cream – Taking each twisted section at a time I applied this product thoroughly from the root to the ends and left each section untwisted, until my whole head was loosed out and curly with the product sitting well within my roots. I then styled as desired.

Below are a few pics from the weekend so you can see how my hair turns out.

Thanks for reading!

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