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Moment of weakness…

Hi All,

I’m not feeling all that great today so thought it was best to write. I really feel fed up and when I get like this I don’t feel like maintaining my healthy regime and just feel like giving up! Sometimes it really is easier to wake up, through a wig on and go but I made a promise to myself that I will keep going. So with that being said I’ve had to have a word with myself and remembered that I need to finish what I started  and push forward.

As we all know, it is really cold outside now! So I have listed below some tips that will help with your hair care routine and maintain its strength through the British Winter.

Stop washing your hair every day!

Washing your hair everyday strips your hair of its natural oils and as a result of this your hair will become much more drier and coarse leaving it more prone to break and become weak.

Put down the coconut oil, and step away!

Most of us on our natural hair journey swear by natural coconut oil and the benefits it has to offer but as the temperature is dropping this isn’t the brightest idea. Why I hear you ask? Well let’s not forget, in the summer what consistency was your coconut oil? That’s right, runny and oily. As it has gotten colder, what consistency is your jar of coconut oil now? Correct, sold as a rock! So unless you are planning on growing dreads through the winter, I’d stay away from 100% coconut oil as cold/frozen things tend to break easy.

Protective Styles

If you are (like me) having a few weak moments or you want to leave your hair alone for a while there are a lot of protective styles that you could try out. I have listed a few below;

  • Box Braids
  • Crochet Braids
  • Havana Twist
  • Ghana Braids
  • Bantu Knots
  • Braids

Seal your ends!

Always make sure you are coating your hair with any sealing products to lock in the moisture and prevent further breakage though these cold days. Leaving your ends dry will result in gaining split ends faster, don’t do it! A few products below which may help;

  • Pomade to oil treatments
  • Shea butter products
  • Jamaican black castor oil
  • Olive oil products
  • Coconut Moisturising products

Your diet is important

The foods that we all eat escape our bodies in all different ways and apart from the obvious, these oils also escape through the pours on our body which contributes to some of the reasons our skin breaks out and other health issues. Hair grows through the tiny follicles on our body so having the desire for healthy hair goes hand in hand with maintaining a healthy diet, which will also strengthen the growth of your hair and this can be done by eating foods rich in minerals and vitamins not forgetting about that all important H2O.

We are all working progresses and learning from each other, and as the saying goes –  no venture no gain. I am still learning and experimenting so if you have any tips to offer, please do share.


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