Co-Wash Day!

Hi All,

I haven’t blogged in a while as I have been busy but I am back with another post! Lately, I had noticed that my hair was becoming quite dry so I decided to co-wash which isn’t something I had done before but the product I had used being the Coconut Oil Cleansing Conditioner for dry, damaged or coloured hair from Palmer’s Coconut Oil Range was a product designed for a Co-Wash, so what better way to try this out for the first time using this very product.

So firstly, I sectioned my hair in to four. I sprayed each section at a time till damp then began massaging the product into my hair thoroughly from the root to the ends. I did this until all four sections had been completed then rinsed out. I gave my hair two washes then I dried with an old t-shirt.

Afterwards, I sectioned my hair in to four then applied the Coconut Oil Hair Milk Smoothie to each section. I used a detangling comb and through each stroke my curls where defined and my hair was moisturised. Out of all the products I have tried, this is my favourite product by far. It had left my hair feeling so soft, thoroughly moisturised and smelling like the islands! I highly recommend this product if you suffer from dry hair as I do – especially in the winter!

Lastly, for styling I used Creme of Nature Flexible Styling Snot. This was my first time using this product and I can definitely say my hair was laid and my waves where on swim! But my only advice to type 4a, 4b and even 4c hair, when applying only use a little as it does get stuck down and as this product is long lasting by the end of the day/the next day trying to restyle can prove a little difficult. This is because the snot is so strong water is definitely needed to move the hair from the style it was in.

I wore my hair for a week before re washing and each day i used my water bottle to spray my hair and revive my curls.

I hope this was informative enough for you all and I have provided some pictures below so you can see the outcome of my hair over the course of the last 7 days.


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