Weekend Hairstyle

Hi All,

So keeping my natural hair out I feel sometimes limits me to the type of hairstyles I can actually do so I have been experimenting with a few, loads of fails but there was one for the win!

This hairstyle was really easy to do and when I finally get a camera I will upload videos for you all but until then;

–  Firstly, I parted my hair in to two and then I loosely tied with a hairband. I also parted the front of my hair in order to create a space for the cainrow.

–  I took my accessory and I cainrowed this in to my hair. I then tied with an elastic band to keep secure for the time being.

–  I then took my Cantu Curling Cream and raked through thoroughly until I felt my curls where defined enough.

–  Taking each section at a time, I applied a LITTLE amount of the Eco Styling Gel to my hairline and brushed in then tied with a hairband. I did the same to the other side.

–  I then put each section in to a bun using bobby pins. Afterwards, I cut out the elastic band securing my plait and separated in to two evenly. I used bobby pins to secure this into each bun.

Hairstyle Complete!

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading.

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I have provided some pics below.

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