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What is your new years resolution?

Hi Guys,

So, its 2018 and your deep into your natural hair journey so there is no turning back now! What have you been doing differently to maintain your hair or what will you be doing differently to maintain your hair this year? Over the last couple of months, I have spoken to a lot of people and the main question they have asked is how I am maintaining this natural journey. Well its not easy, there have been a lot of times I have wanted to give up and draw for my wig but I’ve kept going. I have found that the main issue for most people wanting to but have not yet started their journey is mainly not having the will power to actually make a commitment to themselves to start as most of us are stuck in our old ways, habits and routines. I’ve heard a lot of “next year I’m going to do it” “next year I will be serious” so my question to you or anyone who is guilty of this is we are 27 days deep into January, HAVE YOU STARTED? If not, NOW is the best time to start.

If you would like to know a little bit about how to maintain your hair through these winter days, then take a look at my pervious blog post “moment of weakness” Moment of weakness… which has some useful information and do’s and don’ts for you to take note of.

My 2018 hasn’t started off the best, but I kicked off my new year with a protective style inspired by @thechicnatural (check out her Instagram and YouTube for hair tutorial). I’ve provided some pics below.

If any of you want to start something and is waiting for Monday, next week, next month then don’t. Apply yourself now, today! or you might never start. We all have the same 24 hours so make yours count.

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