When life takes over..

It’s been a minute! A bit of a different blog post here as well as an update as to why I have been missing for the past 5 months!

Well, as we all know things happen in life that is beyond our control. Unexpected issues arise which becomes the main focus and everything you are working on, everything you have put your energy into building has to take a back seat we have all been there, and we all know how these things work. Thankfully, through all the bull* I have managed to take two holidays so it hasn’t all been crap lol.

The thing about staying away for so long is everyday it is harder to come back, it may seem like it’s just writing a few paragraphs and posting a blog but mentally, it is much more than just that. You got to want to write and share your experiences with people or there really is no point. Either way, positivity and light has brought me back here.

What have I been up to these past few months…? Nothing much. Dealing with ups and downs, struggles, sleepless nights, appetite loss, stress and self-conflict while spending more time with my friends, building myself back up, working on my social skills, booking as many flights as possible to God knows where and trying to live my best life! Few snaps below of yours beloved 😉





I’d just like to give a special thank you for all your emails and private messages checking if I am okay and your interest in when my next blog post was coming out. It really does mean a lot that people that I have never even met, take an interest and actually read and follow my journey.

Full blog post on last months antics will be coming next week.

Take care guys 🙂

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