So it had been 10 months since any heat was applied to my hair – a very long 10 months might I add and on the 4th May 2018 I straightened my hair for the first time since the 10th July 2017.

I have been so tempted to straighten my hair ever since I started my journey because although I was finding my way and experimenting with new products and hairstyles, I have always found that it is easier to manage my hair when straightened, as do most people. I didn’t plan to straighten it when I did it sort of just happened and I must say I was very pleased with the results. Having my hair in its natural state for as long as I have, I felt my hair becoming more and more healthier, I didn’t really realise any new growth if I am honest but after straightening, I was quite surprised with the inches it had grown.

It’s really annoying that I am unable to show you all the length my hair was at last year post giving up heat as all my pics are in my other phone which is broken, fantastic! But I will provide some pics below and if I do manage to ever get back into my iPhone, I will do an updated post.

So did I use heat protection before straightening? Of course. I always knew that when I got to my 12 month mark I was going to straighten my hair, just so happens it came around earlier an expected and luckily I already had the products to do so ready and waiting.

Before applying heat I used: Olive Oil – Heat Protection Serum


Which I applied to each section from the root down to the end.

I’m not going to sit here and lie – I want to straighten my hair again, and again, and again… Lol. But that isn’t practical. I had fun though, a few pics below for ya.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

New post on how I managed my hair on holiday coming next week but for now, take care and thanks for reading x

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